Car sharing company for women

Uber is a leading car hailing company which has its business worldwide.The online transportation company comes up with unconventional ideas and offers to attract the drivers and the riders.
Inspite of being the leading company in the transportation market, Uber often gets involved in controversial issues. The fact that Uber is unsafe for women is the talk of the town after the reports on the Uber drivers sexually harassing the female passengers.

A new ride sharing company launched its business in April 19th, 2016, and the interesting aspect of this new company is that, it has only women drivers and they ride only women and boys under the age of thirteen.
Michael Pelletz the owner of The Chariot for Women launched the riding service is spread in fifty states; he was working as a driver in Uber.His experience in working with Uber was the key to start his own business.In an interview to the Washington Post, he said that he once had an unsafe ride as a driver in Uber.Michael had drop assigned to him at night and his rider was mentally unstable, fearing at the behavior of the passenger, he reported him to police.This situation made him think that if there were women in his state, how she could manage the scenario.

This is not the first ride sharing company; in 2014 SheTaxi was a taxi service catering for women started by Stella Mateo, but it did not flourish in the market.According to the law, there should be no gender discrimination while recruiting.But they have exceptions if the recruitment is a bona fide occupational qualification.In Massachusetts, 2200 women applied in Chariot for Women, and the company does background verification of all drivers including criminal records.


Houstonians welcome the new Uber service

The leading online car sharing company is Uber, which was started by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp in 2009.The ride sharing firm has its business in many countries.They gain popularity because of the offers and deals they give their customers.

On April 13th, 2016 Uber started its new service UberACCESS which has wheelchair accessible facilities and the price is the same as that of the UberX service.The new service was first introduced in Houston, and it is available 24/7.
Tony Coelho, former California Congressman and co-author of Americans with Disabilities Act said that the new service launched by Uber open doors for more opportunities and choices for the people of Houston.And also said that for people who require a vehicle with wheelchair accessibility, UberACCESS is the best option.This service helps the people in need of assistance, blind and the individuals who depend on wheelchairs.

The misunderstanding between the company and the taxi drivers paved way for Uber to start their service with cost effective manner, because the entities were glad at the ride service allowed by the Houston rules.The UberACCESS fulfills the regulations of the city’s accessibility task, and new rules to legally allow Uber service in Houston. The task force asked the app based firms and the taxi companies to list the number of vehicles that will have access to a wheelchair or service they can provide to a disabled person on how early they can afford a ride.


Juno the latest competitor for Uber

Juno is yet to launch its services in the already crowded market space of taxi hailing.The company has already begun its orientation program for drivers and pays them $200 a week to keep the app turned on.The money is paid for gathering data from the drivers’ pattern.

Juno aims to fight against the mighty uber by being friendly to the drivers.The company has stated that it will take only 10 percent from drivers as compared to 20 percent on Uber. The company is currently taking in drivers who have a rating of higher than 4.7 in uber.

Drivers are also given share over a period of times based on the number of rides they take up.The company has stated that it will not be imposing surge pricing but give its drivers extra money during times of high demand.
Juno however has not stated anything about driver’s status, employees or contractors.This is a heated debate in Uber circle as the drivers are taken as contractors.The drivers went on a legal battle over Lyft and Uber to take them as drivers.Lyft has settled the case and Uber will go to trial after few months.

The timing seems to be favorable for Juno as the drivers are unhappy with the fare cuts from Uber.Uber and Lyft are also planning to move into automated car segment where the drivers’ future is in question mark.Though the technology will take quite some time to establish but drivers definitely feel threatened which is what juno is using.

uber Maryland

Uber Gets Flexible Car Leases for Drivers

Uber, a San Francisco based ride hailing company started its new program to get more drivers on the road. This car leasing program has already launched in San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles and some cities in Maryland and Georgia.

With the new driver program Exchange leasing Uber drivers get three year aura leases through dealers with an opportunity to terminate their contracts anytime after the first month, with a two weeks’ notice and security deposit fee. Both new and used leased cars will come with routine maintenance and unlimited mileage.

Uber considers this program to be much better than its previous leasing program. Its previous leasing program with Santander consumer USA receives many bad feedbacks, as one of the expensive plan with almost no way for drivers to cancel. None of the drivers were happy with this program, but few drivers signed up for the process and Uber started to cut fares within few months, so Uber cancelled the program.

The flexibility of this new program will appeal to drivers and it seemed to be a challenge for the leasing program of the startup Breeze.

The terms of Exchange leasing depends on the vehicle. Nowadays the common problem among potential drivers is the difficulty in getting cars. Some of the common impediments include lack of payments, poor credits and other financial problems. Uber formed partnership with manufacturers and dealers to help Uber drivers to lease vehicles. It is clear from a report that more than 20,000 drivers have used the program.

free 4g

Uber users in India are now overjoyed with free Wi-Fi service

Uber, the US based ride hailing network is operating in more than 300 cities across 60 countries. Uber is now on plan to expand its service in Asia and its primary target is India. The company came into India before two years and it was an instant hit back then. But due to several controversies that took place in the leading city, people of India shifted to other taxi services.

Uber’s local rival is Ola and the controversies led space to other taxi services in India. Ola became famous due to Uber’s epic fall but now, the company has decided to pick up the pace in the race.

The US based company has decided to offer free 4g Wi-Fi to its users during the ride. How freaking cool is that? The new plan has received an immense support and a red carpet welcome from its users in India.

Uber has also launched a new payment method in order to grab more attention from its users. It is going to be an easy job for Airtel users because the new method involves Airtel Money. Hence, it’s not going to be a problem if you do not own a credit card! Uber’s smart app is very promising with its service in India and the company is also working to reduce the controversies. Uber’s new plans have gained a lot of attraction from people across India and soon would be implemented in other cities as well.

Peer To Peer Car Sharing

Uber Needs Government Approval for Peer To Peer Car Sharing

The online transport company Uber is not permitted to operate peer to peer car sharing without getting authorization from the Department of Transportation. This new scheme allows an approved driver to offer lift to someone who is ready to do cash payment. The person who accepts the lift should be in Uber. In various parts of Europe, the fees paid for these kinds of transportation’s are lower than actual taxi fare.

Uber is an American company which is registered for VAT in Netherlands for its European business. If the company’s new center of excellence is started in Limerick, then they have to co-operate with tax in Ireland and their profit will be subjected to 12.5 percent of tax rate.

Private drivers will not earn much from the Uber industry but they can earn a bit of money. The US based company is a life savior for many freelance drivers around the world. If the government grants permission for Uber, then it is going to be a tough game for its contenders.

Ireland is not the only country that has delayed the process for Uber, but there are many other countries that are against the company. The critics say Uber is just another black market that is making money off its users and also there is no space left to expand wider. But Travis is not ready to give up the race yet; it is going to be strong and fierce!

Uber saudi

Saudi Official claims that Services like Uber Are Illegal

Officials of Roads and Transportation Administration said that the foreign ride sharing companies which operate in smart phones are illegal and they do not have an official license from the ministry to run their services in Saudi Arabia.

They added that the work of these kinds of ride sharing services is a violation against the city regulations.

The spokesperson of Uber says that the ministry doesn’t have any  information regarding the foreign companies Easy Taxi and Uber and have no idea about their nature of work. He also informed that the ministry is coordinating with related authorities to pressurize these foreign companies to apply to these regulatory issues from concerned departments. The operation for this service occurs only in the destinations outside Saudi.

Uber is a company which doesn’t own cars or hire drivers, but they are in partnership with licensed operators who provide transport facilities to the passengers by connecting them through the Smartphone app and increase the productivity of their services.’

The Director of Uber in Saudi explains that the company is providing digital service to licensed operators and they are working a different environment that may cause some ambiguity about their work, so they will be proceeding with the same nature of work to get more popularity. It is expected that this turn against Uber will be resolved soon.

It is noted that the Saudi government is taking action to facilitate global transportation that provides comfortable and safer transportation options to passengers in the city.

Uber’s Success

The Secret behind Uber’s Success

The secret behind Uber’s success is being everywhere, whenever a passenger needs a drive. It provides the facility for their users to order for an Uber ride using their phones, pebble smart watch, Apple watch and Microsoft fitness tracker band.

You can even grab an Uber ride within Microsoft Outlook, in case if you are working in an office. Some similar platforms include Slack and Attlasian Hipchat.

One of the Uber’s rival Lyft is doing the best job by forming partnership with Slack and Starbucks while improving its Android and iPhone apps on Cabily – Dectar. First of all, building an app and get it in the Google market place and Apple app store is not so easy task. In order to do that, good tools, time and talent are very important.

Creating a new feature will take some time from getting the concept to designing it. It will take more time to check if the application works in the same way in both iPhone and  Android.

Uber’s success came with its new super deluxe apps for windows 10 desktops, smart phones and tablets. It is considered to be the first Uber app in desktop computers. With its app on iPhone and Android, Uber stands out in the ride sharing industry.

Even other startups love to release their apps in all operating system as Uber do, but they can   made it possible only with hard work.

Uber came with its feature of getting a ride using an Uber Apple watch. This feature makes the developers happy as they can get a ride into their own app.

sharing economy

All bout the sharing economy and Uber

Many critics are against the sharing economy and are not very happy about its increasing popularity. But the public seem to be a lot convinced with it; about 90% of population believes it is a boost to labor economy and 57% of job seekers are keen to be a part of sharing economy.  The percentage has even more increased during recession period and many employees have started to prefer sharing economy to full time professions. The reason is the flexibility of work timings and earnings of sharing economy. Also, everyone would feel like a boss but that does not mean you would become the next Mark Zuckerberg! After all, no one likes to be ordered around because people can easily make money off their spare time. Amazon was the first one to employ people for micro part time jobs and do not forget that a dollar would fetch a cappuccino from Star Bucks!

Uber is the most valuable startup that follows the sharing economy and the company has even overcome Facebook’s record, Mr. Zuckerberg would now be making some serious plans! Jokes apart, it has now become the most powerful ride hailing company ever since it was launched and its rivals are already feeling the heat. It does feel good campaigns and also introduces summer deals to cover up the deep dark mysterious side of controversies. But honestly speaking, people are not really bothered about its controversies and Uber is planning to extend its service wider when there is no enough space left!

uber tips

Uber drivers are upset with the company’s poor ride fares and tipping option

Uber, the American based transportation network is operating in 150 countries across the globe. The company has achieved fame and popularity within a short period of time despite being the startup company. It is also famous for its endless controversies and people do not seem care to about them because of its efficient service. However, the Uber drivers now seem to be unhappy with the company’s services. There are many drivers out there who entirely depend upon their daily wages to run their lives. The fares that company offer are definitely not sufficient for the poor drivers, and they demand more!

A group of Uber drivers are now planning to strike over the company’s poor treatment towards the drivers. A community was formed on Facebook and it has gone viral that many drivers now want to be a part of the strike. Uber has also been stingy with tipping option, whereas Lyft has already implemented the feature.

Many drivers want Uber to be fair towards them and they even want the ride cancellation fee to begin from $7.  But the company has not yet served the drivers’ requests up until now. However, the company says it always welcomes feedbacks from its drivers, sarcasm much? More than 1000 drivers have shown interest on Facebook’s event, hopefully we can expect some positive results from the company.  It would be great news for the drivers and bad news for the riders, but let us just hope the company does justice to all of its users!