Car Sharing Safe for Women?

Uber is a leading car hailing company which has its business worldwide.  The online transportation company comes up with unconventional ideas and offers to attract the drivers and the riders.

Inspite, of being the leading company in the transportation market, Uber often gets involved in controversial issues. The fact that Uber is unsafe for women is the talk of the town after the reports on the Uber drivers sexually harassing the female passengers.

A new ride sharing company launched its business in April 19th, 2016, and the interesting aspect of this new company is that, it has only women drivers and they ride only women and boys under the age of thirteen.

Michael Pelletz the owner of The Chariot for Women launched the riding service is spread in fifty states; he was working as a driver in Uber.  His experience in working with Uber was the key to start his own business.  In an interview to the Washington Post, he said that he once had an unsafe ride as a driver in Uber.  Michael had drop assigned to him at night and his rider was mentally unstable, fearing at the behavior of the passenger, he reported him to police. This situation made him think that if there were women in his state, how she could manage the scenario.

This is not the first ride sharing company; in 2014 SheTaxi was a taxi service catering for women started by Stella Mateo, but it did not flourish in the market.According to the law, there should be no gender discrimination while recruiting.But they have exceptions if the recruitment is a bona fide occupational qualification.In Massachusetts, 2200 women applied in Chariot for Women, and the company does background verification of all drivers including criminal records.

Below is a video I found on youtube where a female driver details her experience as an uber driver.