Cons of ride sharing

As my experience being a ride sharing driver increases I am beginning to feel the toll and fatigue.  My excitement is beginning to decrease as the repetitive days begin to increase.  Over the last couple weeks I have had the privilege of meeting some more amazing people who are doing wonderful things from all parts of the world.  But these stories both fill me with excitement and cause me to want to get out of my car and make things happen as well.

Two weeks ago I drove for over 80 hours, but towards the end of the week I felt myself coming down with a cold.  It has only been in the last few days that I have been feeling my full energy come back to me.  It was during this time that i realized sitting in the car for such long periods of time has had an negative impact on my over all health and fitness.  I am going to begin a new exercise regiment and even when I am waiting for new customers to request a ride I will get out of the car, stretch and even walk back and forth to give my legs so extra movement.  I am hoping that some of these small changes will begin to have an impact on my overall demeanor.  I know I choose my attitude and I am choosing to share here and then continue focusing on my thoughts and my words.