People I meet while driving!

On todays post I share a story from one of my recent customers.

One of my favorite things about driving is the people that I get to meet.  I never know who my next customer is going to be.  Sometimes it is a business woman coming back from a business trip, sometimes it is a college student coming home from college on a break.  More often than night it is a group of friends having a good time on the weekend and wanting to use me as their on demand designated driver.  regardless of the reason I typically have a level of anticipation for what new person i will meet and what story they will share with me as I take them to their desired destination.  I can truly say that no ride is ever the same.

For example, my shortest drive has been 4 minutes and my longest drive has been 2.5 hours.  I have had people who want to talk to me the entire time and I have had other people who get into the car with headphones in their ears and never say a word.  Most trips fall somewhere in between, which is ok with me.

Recently I had the privilege of meeting a truly extraordinary women.  For privacy concerns, I will call her Sarah.  Sarah is a single mom of two boys.  Both her boys love sports, their favorite athlete is Lionel Messi, and soccer games are a constant weekend activity for her and her two sons.   What inspired me was Sarah’s perseverance.  Sarah is an ER nurse who works at a local hospital.  Today she was heading to the airport to attend a friends out of town wedding.  In addition to being a full time nurse in the local er room, Sarah is also real estate property owner.  She has been purchasing duplex units in order to build up enough passive income so she does not have to work as many night shifts at the hospital.

The daily hustle she puts forth inspired me to continue pushing towards my own dreams.  If Sarah can work full time at the hospital where she literally saves lives on a daily basis, attend her sons soccer games, be a great friend, and buy real estate then surely I can keep pursuing her dreams then i can too.

I asked her if she gets tired with everything she does.  She responded, “Of course I get tired, but soon it will all be worth it.”

This was just one of my many trips today.  But as the day came towards an end and I found myself getting tired I was reminded of Sarah.  Soon it will all be worth it.