Traffic in Los Angeles

Why I hate Traffic –

One of the most challenging and frustrating parts of my job is dealing with the traffic.  In many parts of the country a 6 mile drive takes 10 minutes or so.  In the greater Los Angeles area, 6 miles can take an hour.  There are dozens of times where at each traffic light I see the same bike rider catch back up or simply pass me as I sit at a light unable to make it out of the intersection.

By far my worst experience was when I picked up a business man from the airport.  I picked him up at LAX early afternoon.  When I first picked him up I thought we may have been early enough in the day to miss the worse part of the traffic.  My rider needed to get to Burbank which I new could take at least 45 minutes and potentially much longer.

As we got onto the freeway and suddenly came to a stop I got a sick feeling in my stomach.  I was used to traffic, but after 5 minutes of not even moving an inch, I knew something was amiss.  We sat longer.  In fact if I wasn’t in the car I wouldn’t even believe the story for myself.  We sat for nearly 3 hours.  A person had climbed over the freeway overpass fence and was threatening to jump off the bridge and onto the freeway.

As an attempt to save the persons life they completely closed the freeway and instead of cars they placed massive blow up mats underneath the person.  While sitting in the car with my passenger we exchanged stories and learned about each other.  I shared with him that I was wanting to start a business.  Adam shared with me that he was a small business owner himself.  He had his own window cleaning company where they provide professional window cleaning services.  I asked him more about his business and he gladly shared.

One of the things we laughed about was the traffic.  he plans his routes and tries his best  provide his clients with a small window of time for when he will arrive.  The traffic can make this a challenge when a trip that typically takes 10 minutes suddenly takes 40.  We sat on the freeway turned parking lot for another 30 minutes when suddenly we started to move.  Thankfully the person had safely climbed back over the fence and was back in safety.  But that airport trip is hopefully the worse traffic I will ever experience. It took us over 4 hours to go 18 miles.